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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

214th Corsairs Test Scheme

It is that great time of year.  Spring break!  Since I have nothing better to do but work, I have had plenty of time to work on Warhammer minis.  I managed to finished up 4 Cadian models, except for some weathering and maybe some washes.  Although never happy with what I do, I am happy with how they came out, saying I have only been painting for a year (on and off).  By far the hardest part was painting the eyes.  They are a lot smaller than I thought.  I painted the face, then the white, then a thin black line, which took about 10 tries total on the 3 guys (one model was already done months ago).  Then I went back and touched up the helmets and face as best I could.  Basing was done with Army Painter Brown Battleground.

The Catachan model on the right was just a test to see how the orange looked when airbrushed.  I will probably just stick to painting it on with a brush, since I only have like 10 guys left to paint anyways.

Speaking of airbrushing, I finally pulled it out and tried it.  John (Flekkzo) stopped by tonight and helped me figure the art out.  After about 30 minutes of running around with my head cut off like a chicken, we got started painting.  He talking me through thinning the paints and getting a technique down.  I must say, having a HUGE compressor with clean, dry air is nice.  Also, GW paints SUCK to spray.  I couldn't get a consistent spray at all.  The tip kept clogging up.  Naturally I started painting the biggest tank I had too!  (Which happens to be the only one the army currently has)  Starting with the underside (to get some more practice where no one will see), and working my way around, I got most of it painted.  Still needs one more coat before I can move on to painting other colors.  Time to show off!


  1. I like the warm palette. I think once you get some washes on them like you said, these guys will really shine. Nice work.

    Ron, FTW

  2. Thanks Ron, I am glad you like the scheme. I was very worried when I first picked it and I am glad Flekkzo talked be out of blaze orange for the main color and down to the solar orange.

    I am probably going to wait on the washes until I can get some nonGW stuff. Delvan mud always seems to get splotchy and I would hate to ruin my hard work with it.