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Friday, December 30, 2011

Bringing in the New Year.

Goodbye 2011!

It is finally the end of the year, and what an exciting year it has been.  Instead of looking back, I have decided to look forward and set a list of 10 goals I want to do for the coming year.  Here you have it.

1) Paint 2500 points of Black Templar before playing them (lower points allowed, just must be painted)
2) Paint 2500 points of IG Cadians before play (as above)
3) Paint my Tomb Kings and expand army a bit
4) Paint Bretonnians or sell
5) Assemble, paint, and play Dreadfleet
6) Paint small Cygnar force and play more often
7) Repaint Catachan models
8) Paint my super heavies and expand with more (yay Apoc!)
9) Create some terrain pieces for the store
10) Improve on my painting techniques, including airbrushing.

And as goal number 11, just so I can say it, update the blog more often!  I started the blog to stay motivated, not to slack behind.  Luckily I have made some progress.  The Corsairs (the IG Cadians stated above) have a 2500 point list that I like.  My goal on this personally (besides above) is to not have a single piece of metal in the bunch.  That is the easy part.  I also have decided that my stormtroopers will all be resin, and I am thinking of getting a few FW pieces like rear doors on all the Chimeras.

Also, besides for my new baneblade (ohhh ahhh) and some heavy weapon teams, everything is primed for 40k!  Talk about a huge step forward.  Time to get back to the modeling.   Hopefully I can have some pictures up later.