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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I let myself down.

So I had a goal, to get a bunch of stuff done by September and make another post, and I failed.

Instead I moved back on to campus in a nice small dorm room and have been dealing with classes instead.  Chemistry really gets in the way of painting time, and working 2 jobs with 18 credits is not the easiest thing to do.

But not all hope is lost.  I have looked through my things, figuring out what to paint.  I also have picked up Dreadfleet, adding it to a long back log of things to assemble and paint.  Forge World is peaking my interest again, and I want to get another group buy together, but money is tight as I am now going to Germany next summer for a couple weeks for school, and that is going to cost me 4 grand.

Which reminds me, I added up my plastic addiction to see what it would all cost to buy new right now, excluding my catachans as I don't remember how much I have.... The total was over 2.5 grand.  Sitting in boxes, next to a minifridge, collecting dust.

God Bless this hobby.