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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Call to Arms

Well time for the monthly update.  Seems so far to be the norm.  But really, I needed to make another post to get me back into the swing of things.  A call to arms if you will.  After making this post, I am sending an email out to From the Warp and join the blog roll.  Hopefully this will add in that extra level of motivation.  Plus, more exposure will bring comments and criticism, which will only make things better.

As I have said previously, I bought 3 Valkyrie kits this summer.  I finally got all 3 assembled, getting better each time, and learning some new techniques to help not only save time, but give a neater and better fitting model in the end.  Rubber bands are AMAZING.  Well all three are together (mostly) and handed over to John (Flekkzo) for painting.  If you haven't seen his blog, you should.  His Imperial Fist army is inspiring.  For the most bang for my buck, I am magnetizing the weapon choices.  This means Forge World for Vendetta kits.  After figuring out it would cost me 75 dollars just for 3 kits, I decided to get bits.  So I have twin linked land raider sponsons coming, need one more set to finish off the 3, that I will be using for the wings.  The side of the cockpit will be getting twin linked lascannons from dreadnaught arms, if I can find them cheap enough.  For the command vehicle, I want to use the one from the venerable dreadnaught (it is more flashy).

2 things:  Buying the bits from ebay or battlewagon, for 10 dollars more, I could have had the FW kits.  Oh well!

The other thing is that it inspired me to work more on my kits I have now to finish things up!  So I started working on the land raider and predator some more.  The land raider parts got primed and I was going to paint the interior.  The black got a dry brush of grey.  I decided that was "good enough" for now.  I plan on painting the 2 door inside pieces with some extra details just because they are still out.  However, since the engine is the heart and soul (and perhaps spirit) of the machine, I decided it was only proper to paint that piece.  I only painted the pipes themselves, mixes of silver, gold, and tin, but it really pops when looking in the front doors.
The predator got most of its "outside" bits done.  I am still debating how far I want to go with magnetizing it, and if I should give it the options of being a razorback or rhino.  I certainly have enough rhino doors (using the BT upgrades on my actual razorbacks).  The vindicator has been done for awhile now (let someone borrow it for an apoc game, only reason why it even has primer).  All that it needs are the dozer blade and some extra bits if I feel up to it.  Here is a nice glamor shot with a land speeder.

Speaking of land speeders, I actually got one done!  That was on a weekend stint of modelling a couple weeks ago.  Built it all in one night!  One more two buy and 2 to assemble.  You may notice it is missing some crew though!  I am gonna paint those separate and glue them in later.  They use the speeder back, with BT Front and heads and shoulder pads.  All Exposed tank crew will follow that.  BT pieces wherever they fit.

As for infantry, because of the amazing details of the BT chest pieces and weapons, I decided to paint the arms off and assemble later (seems to be a pattern).  But all 20 tac marines are ready for primer!  4 guys (1 per squad) have a bolt pistol and sword combo, but they will be played as bolters.  They are the sarges of the squad, even though I know BT do not have them.  Oh well.  I also have my terminators fnished!  Squads of 5.  One assault with 2 LC and 3 TH/SS.  I will probably be buying another box so I can find full squads of either (or 2 of 5, or bigger than 5).  Other squads are of 5, one with two typhoons and one with two assault cannons.  They have BT shoulder pads on the one side.

 Finally I decided to pull these out, as the 214th Corsairs are a guard army after all!  Below are 6 of their heavy weapons teams (I like being able to switch weapons) with 6 of their Catachan friends.  Also 40 guys from the battleforces and 10 quick fit guys.  The battleforce guys will be my new guard army to match the vendettas, while the quick fits will be filler, and probably conscripts/platoons once I expand (like planned)

Also, this whole month I have focused more on my Tomb Kings, but that's not interesting in a 40k blog, so maybe I will make another one for them.  Currently playing at around 550 points of models.  Lots of archers in the army.  In 2 weeks I start moving back into school.  By that day, 2nd of September, I want to have all my current purchases assembled.  This may include what I decide to purchase by then (within a reasonable limit).  I also have some fun toys coming from Forge World.  But here is your call to arms.  Keep me going.  Encourage me to step up my game, to pick up the brush, and lay down some paint.  See you in September (and maybe even before!).