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Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Beginnings

So, for awhile I have debated getting in Fantasy.  I thought about High Elves, but I heard someone else was playing them, so decided against it (turns out no one I know is).  I thought about Dwarves but never got into it.  After seeing an awesome P+M Blog on DakkaDakka, I decided on Tomb Kings.  And thus the months of looking but never jumping happened.

Then, last weekend, I decided to jump in and by the Tomb Kings Battalion.  And I added it to the stacks of 40k boxes of things I need to put together.  Vindicator to finish, land raider to assemble, predator to... do something with.  3 valks to assemble.  2 Cadian battleforces to finish up.  And now, 2 land speeders thrown on top.

Starting this weekend, I will begin actually playing Fantasy.  League is set up in the store, and I am the first one to battle.  Hopefully Dave will be nice with his Brettonians.

Time to going back to cutting, sanding, and gluing.  Oh, and I am all out of glue.  Why even bother some days.