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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In the Beginning

I first bought 40k years ago.  Sadly I got into it right after a local store closed.  I had 3rd edition Imperial Guard, with the Catachan codex.  A few friends also had armies.  We however never really got into the hobby.  Fast forward to now 2 years ago, and some new friends of mine had previously played, and a one was looking to get into it, and a friend from the past, like me, was still looking at getting back into the game.

A year ago, I some how stumbled into a game store less then 10 minutes from my house.  Simply by chance I went to A&W for lunch with work, and saw a sign.  That night I drove over with a friend, and now I am at the store 3 days a week.  This past winter I meet Flekkzo (another blogger here), and began to talk to him.  He has a wonderfully painted Imperial Fist army, although he is very modest about them.  They are the best painted models on the table for 40k.  When I found out he had a blog, I decided to follow it.  The other day he told me to get remotivated to paint, I should start a blog.  So here it is.  A blog for me to post my quest into the hobby side of miniatures.  It has been months since I have finished painting a model, and with starting another army, expanding my guard, and with plans for WHFB, BFG, and Warmachine, I have a lot of painting I need to be done.  First up is to get three Valkyries assembled, which will be handed over to Flekkzo for painting.

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  1. I've always felt that when I have painted something new and get to take photos of it and blog about it I get a bit more out of the hobby. It's a little extra kick.

    Thanks for the kind words about my army. I consider it good table top standard. Hope to kick it up a notch in the future:)